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From generation to generation

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Our company manufactures agricultural trailers since 1980 and has its roots in a previous reality, founded in 1962. Passed on from father to son, it has changed over the years its name, but not the philosophy. Thanks to teamwork and reliability, we have built a good reputation and are considered among the most qualified companies in Italy with regard to agricultural trailers, manure spreaders and liquid transport tanks with a steady increase in production.
Bellucci & Rossini Agricultural Machinery Città di Castello
The team

Bellucci & Rossini Agricultural Machinery in Città di Castello is managed today by an experienced Board of Directors. Members are MR. Rossini Pietro, MR. Rossini Mauro, MR. Bellucci Luigi and MR. Bellucci Fabio. Thanks to their great skillfulness, the Bellucci & Rossini plant can now be considered as a qualified company specialized in agricultural trailers, manure spreaders and liquid transport tanks.
Our employees are continually trained following the evolutions that the context in which we operate undergoes, particularly in the welding, painting, use and operation of new machinery. The market in which we operate has immediately revealed fruitful this is why we started trading with other countries such as Africa and the Middle East. This success is due to the excellent quality and advanced manufacturing of high-tech machines and the ability of promptly met the requirements of the national and international market.
Production covers a wide range of new types of trailers, including the ever-evolving industrial sector.

Only the best for you!

Our attendance in exhibitions and farm events in Italy and abroad, always aims to improve preparation in accordance with your needs, as well as constant and continuous monitoring of the trend of the reference market. We keep our attention to the most sophisticated evolutions of modern agriculture to meet your demands, distinguishing our level of preparation based on the geographical areas in which you operate.

About 90% of Bellucci & Rossini's production is exported to all over the world, especially in the East, Middle and Far Africa, Middle and Far East, Europe and Central America.

In Italy, sales take place through Agricultural Tractor Dealers; abroad they are carried out directly or through salesmen or retailers. Bellucci & Rossini participates with the stand designed by its advertising department at the major trade fairs and agricultural shows in Italy and abroad, including EIMA in Bologna, SIMA in Paris and AGRITECHNICA in Hannover.