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We provide agricultural trailers for individual long-lasting solutions
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We only make innovative agricultural machines


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Our company, Bellucci & Rossini Agricultural Machinery, is specialized in the design, manufacturing and distribution of agricultural machinery and trailers in Città di Castello, all over Italy and around the world. We work in Europe, Africa, Asia and Latin America, boasting an experience that has given us positive feedback on the reference market. We manufacture, in particular, mono-axle hydraulic or mechanical tipper trailers, bi-axle fixed or hydraulic platform trailers, manure spreaders, tandem dumpers, grain hopper trailers or for the transport of tobacco.



From a technical drawing to the finished work, we deal with all stages of the design of our agricultural trailers thanks to the use of the best materials.


We respond to market needs by creating new prototypes. We take care of each step, from assembly to soldering and painting.


The Bellucci & Rossini brand is everywhere! We turn to small retailers and large dealers operating throughout Italy and around the world.
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